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SWRAC Feeder Route

SWRAC Feeder Route is able to cloak, bridge and hide web pages. SWRAC Feeder Route is able to route traffic from search engines to a designated website.

It has all the functions and power of SWRAC Feeder except that it has the additional capability of routing traffic to an external website. SWRAC Feeder Route is usually used by search engine optimization service providers to route traffic from an optimized website, originated from search engine to clients' website. This version is also useful for those who have multiple websites and want to send traffic from many mirror sites to the main one.


  • Supports unlimited bridge (optimized) and browser webpages
  • Supports unlimited subdomains
  • Supports multiple domains mapped into the same site
  • Supports unlimited webpages and sub-directories
  • Route traffic to an external website, method used is search engines friendly
  • Also support many cloaked pages to 1 visible page
  • Need to update the destination website pages only, do away cumbersome multiple sites html update
  • Generates doorway pages based on user input
  • Ability to cloak; prevent your highly ranked page from code jack
  • World's major search engines like Altavista (LookSmart, MSN, AOL), Excite (Magellan, Webcrawler), Google, Hotbot (Yahoo-Inktomi, Snap), Infoseek, Lycos and NorthernLight are supported.
  • User definable search engines detection (no programming knowledge necessary)
  • Automatic search engines signatures update
  • Automatic new search engines update
  • Highly configurable, standard and individually tailored bridge pages
  • Delimited Access Log, suitable for export to applications like Excel
  • Visitor email notification
  • View Visitor log at website
  • Free update of search engine signatures, no time limit
  • 1 year free major version upgrade

System Requirements

  • Virtual or dedicated web hosts, web servers running in Unix/Linux or WinNT IIS or PWS
  • PERL 5
  • SSI

The improved version operates with all types of web hosting/servers. We highly recommend Adgrafix web hosting. This is the most fully featured web hosting software available, with the best and fastest technical support.


Demonstration Site

A copy of SWRAC Feeder Route is installed in http://www.stormfox.com, traffic from search engines and elsewhere to Stormfox is transparently routed to http://www.make-it-online.com



These scripts will inform you of the latest update available. Updates are necessary since search engines are frequently changing. You would not want to miss them when they visit you. Our updates are a free feature.

Operation and Security

This script does not interrupt the operation of any search engine indexing nor will it cause them to fail or stop indexing. It is totally transparent to all the search engines’ indexing robots, crawlers and browsers.

SWRAC Feeder is capable of completely hiding your optimized webpage from human browsers and thus preventing your optimized webpage HTML code being plagiarized. In some cases, webpage thieves copy the top ranked webpage and use it on their website to outperform their competitors.


You can request free installation from us at one site. Once the installation is done, you can change the ftp password. You can then work via SWRAC Feeder Manager’s online web-based user interface.

License and Guarantee Information

Click here to read.


Multiple Domains Edition --- $300 for use on all domains owned by you or your company
Client License  Edition -- $900 all domains limited to your clients' domains, those you provide value added services,  you cannot re-sell the software to them.

Click here to purchase online securely. Write to us, if you intend to purchase by wire transfer.   This package includes the Swrac Feeder Route program, one free installation, comphensive how to use documentation, installation documentation, unlimited email support and unlimited updates


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