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SWRAC Feeder

Submission to search engines is not enough; insertion of keywords and description meta tags is also not enough.  SWRAC Feeder is the answer to what is needed to get your website ranked high in the search engines and outrank your competitors.

Submission to search engines is not enough; insertion of keywords and descriptive meta tags is also not enough. SWRAC Feeder is the answer to what is needed to get your website ranked high in the search engines and outrank your competitors.

SWRAC stands for Spiders, Web Browsers, Robots, Ants and Crawlers. SWRAC Feeder is able to cloak, bridge and hide web pages. It is a website companion designed expressly to push your website to the top of search engines and bring in a rush of traffic. 

Upon submission of your site to search engines, they will index your site with a program/script known as SWRAC (for spiders, robots, ants and crawlers) in order to determine the content of your site. SWRAC Feeder is capable of feeding Spiders, Web Browsers, Robots, Ants and Crawlers with whatever information you want !!! It is able to cloak itself against web browsers with a normal HTML page, generate different bridge pages, and optimize web pages for individual search engines based on user input.

Each search engine has its individual characteristics. Some totally disallow repeated keywords and some within a certain limit. Some search engines will not list sites containing less than a certain number of words, while some rank keywords better the higher they exist in the body text. Worse still, some do not index framed pages. Some rank short pages higher and vice versa.

Some engines like Excite favour pages with keywords in the title tag, and keywords repeated frequently throughout the whole document. However, for Lycos, the best way to optimize your page is to include your keywords in the title tag, then repeat them again in a heading tag. As for AltaVista, it ranks better with search terms appearing in the title, in meta tags, in the first few lines of the page, and appearing near each other in the document and frequently throughout it. You cannot possibly design your website to cater to all search engines without compromising the overall appearance and text of your website for human surfers.

With the use of SWRAC Feeder, you can have any text you wish in your webpage as the text is invisible to the human browser but still visible to search engines. Also, individual pages can be uniquely configured to feed individual search engines such as AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Magellan, NetFind, Northern Light, PlanetSearch and WebCrawler.

This script has many possible uses and is highly configurable to suit each search engine, for example, configuring different keywords, descriptions, headers, links and body texts for different search engines. And a standard page can be configured for normal web browsers like Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. It also hides your highly ranked HTML code from your competitors

At first I thought SWRAC feeder was expensive. I had to save money for a month to buy it. But I soon discovered the invaluable power in using this neat little program. My counters are now showing a reasonable amount of traffic, and I have already made the money that I spent on buying Swrac Feeder. Magnus Hagerlo



  • Supports unlimited bridge (optimized) and browser webpages
  • Supports unlimited subdomains
  • Supports multiple domains mapped into the same site
  • Supports unlimited webpages and sub-directories
  • Generates doorway pages based on user input
  • Cloaks optimized pages completely against page theft
  • Ability to cloak; prevent your highly ranked page from code jack
  • World's major search engines like Altavista (LookSmart, MSN, AOL), Excite (Magellan, Webcrawler), Google, Hotbot (Yahoo-Inktomi, Snap), Infoseek, Lycos and NorthernLight are supported.
  • User-definable search engine detection (no programming knowledge necessary)
  • Automatic search engines signatures update
  • Automatic new search engines update
  • Highly configurable, standard and indivdual tailored portion or whole bridge pages
  • Delimited Access Log, suitable for export to Applications like Excel
  • Visitor email notification
  • View Visitor log at website
  • Free update of search engine signatures, no time limit
  • 1 year free major version upgrade


System Requirements

  • Virtual or dedicated web hosts, web servers running in Unix/Linux or WinNT IIS or PWS
  • PERL 5

The improved version operates with all types of web hosting/servers. We highly recommend Adgrafix web hosting. This is the most fully featured web hosting with the best and fastest technical support.



Updates of new search engines and signatures are provided free. Updates can be performed automatically or manually.


Every purchase SWARC Feeder comes with 1 year of free membership at Search Engines Watch. Search engines Watch has all the updated, detailed information and the secrets on search engines characteristics.

Operation and Security

This script does not interrupt the operation of any search engine indexing nor will it cause them to fail or stop indexing.  It is totally transparent to search engines indexing robots, crawlers and browsers.
Swrac Feeder is capable of hiding your optimized webpage completely from human browser and thus prevent your optimized webpage HTML code being plagiarized. In some practices, webpage thief copies top ranked webpage and use it on their website to outperform their competitor.


You can request free installtion from us at one site. Once the installation is done, you can change the ftp password. You will then work via Swrac Feeder Manager's online user interface without our interference. If you  want to do the installation yourself, you should have some knowledge of ftp.


License and Guarantee Information

Click here to read.



Multiple Domains Edition --- $300 for use on all domains owned by you or your company
Client License  Edition -- $900 all domains limited to your clients' domains, those you provide value added services on, you cannot re-sell the software to them.

Click here to purchase online securely. If you intend to purhcase by wire transfer, write to us. This package includes the SWRAC Feeder program, one free installation, comprehensive how-to-use documentation, installation documentation, unlimited email support and unlimited updates.


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