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For both pre- & post-purchase and technical questions, you may write to us from the contact page.


Swrac Feeder

Q. What is SWRAC Feeder?
A. It is server side software which protects your highly-ranked web pages from web page thieves, and gives you the flexibility of search engine position optimization and bridging.

Q. Will SWRAC Feeder work on my desktop computer?
A. No, SWRAC Feeder works in the frontline; it has to be installed on a web server or by web hosting.

Q. Will SWRAC Feeder works with my web hosting service provider?
A. SWRAC Feeder works with all platform web servers that allows CGI/SSI.  We can advise you on which are the best and most economical service providers.

Q. I get a lot of traffic through search engines, will Swrac Feeders make my site slow?
A. No, not for modern servers. Moreover, we allow multiple installations to reduce the load on old/low power server as long as you keep it to the licensing agreement.

Q. Will search engines be able to detect that I'm using Swrac Feeder and prevent listing of my domain?
A. In the first place, search engine cannot tell if you are using Swrac Feeder. As long as you do not spamindex the search engines with irreverent materials, search engines will leave you alone. In fact, almost 100% of the highly competitive sites use such optimization and bridging technique.

Q. Can I use Swrac Feeder to protect pages that have already ranked?
A. Yes.

Q. There are utilities that can mock search engines and steal hidden code. Can they defeats SWRAC Feeder?
A. Such utilities are powerless when try to steal from SWRAC Feeder enabled sites. In fact no one can steal your optimized codes.

Q. Who can access to my optimized code?
You and your web hosting service provider, who is a user-super of your web server.

Q. I run a florist website. Can I use words like "sex" in SWRAC Feeder to attach visitors from search engines?
A. SWRAC Feeder software cannot prevent you from doing such acts. However, such an act is considered to be spamindexing, which is an abuse not tolerated by the search engines, the author of this software, sellers in general, and the vast majority of the Internet community. Search engines will not hesitate to refuse to list your site if they find that you are spamindexing. Neither are you entitled to a refund. According to the SWRAC Feeder Products Series license agreement, we demand you delete all record of SWRAC Feeder (or Route), if you are spamindexing.

However, if you are using Swrac Feeder to create a very targeted keywords bridge page or to overcome any html design short-comings, there is nothing wrong about that. In fact many high sites (especially high profit sites) are using cloaking software to maintain high position in search engines ranking and to protect their code.


Swrac Feeder Route

All FAQs for SWRAC Feeder apply for SWRAC Feeder Route

Q. What is the difference between SWRAC Feeder and SWRAC Feeder Route?
A. SWRAC Feeder Route has only one designated URL (this URL can be an external or internal site), Swrac Feeder support 1 cloaked page to one browser visible page.

Q. Is Swrac Feeder or Swrac Feeder Route more suitable for my sites?
A. Swrac Feeder is suitable for most users. You only needs Swrac Feeder Route, if:

  • you want to route traffic from many sites to one site
  • you want to charge your client base on per the amount of traffic send to their sites.
  • you have many doorway pages and want only 1 browser visible page

Q. Some search engines dislike redirection. Is SWRAC Feeder Route going to work well in this case?
A. We are not using redirection, unlike almost other search engine optimization service providers or search engines cloaking software do. We use a technique that provides indirect redirection and we call it 'routing'. This technique totally is transparent to search engines.



Q. How do I know whether a site is using a HTML hiding/cloaking/bridging script from  the results of CloakCheck?
A. If you are using Netscape, you will see the HTML source code. Compare the differences between the code obtained by posing as a search engine and by using Netscape Browser/Internet Explorer. If you are using Internet Explorer, --> View --> Source to compare the differences in the HTML source obtained by posing as a search engine and by using Netscape Browser/Internet Explorer.

Q. If I cannot see the difference between them, does it mean that the site does not use HTML hiding/cloaking/bridging script?
A. The answer is both yes and no. The site may not be using an HTML hiding script, but there is a chance that the site is using a superior and better designed script like the one we employ in SWRAC Feeder, SWRAC Feeder Route and Search Engines Commander that cannot be cracked by any means.


Search Engines Commander

Q. What is the different between Search Engines Commander and Swrac Feeder Series products?
A. Swrac Feeder series products are search engines cloaking software, primarily, it is used to cloak doorway pages for search engines ranking purpose and also prevent page thieft.  Search Engines Commander has all the functions  of Swrac Feeder and Swrac Feeder Route, plus MANY more, it is a total solution for search engines optimization, placement and cloaking, it has many automatic features which make this a config-and-forget product.

Q How do you compare Search Engines Commander with other product in the market?
A. At the moment, we cannot find any search engines product that come close in features of Search Engines Commander.


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